The Ghost Collector Arrives

Meanwhile, on the road above Billy’s town, an old wooden cart passed by pulled by a sad, three- legged horse. A machine with a long hose attached was bolted onto the floor of the cart, and several racks filled with empty jars were fixed around the sides.

The driver wore a dirty black coat and a dirty black hat. The hat and collar almost met, so all that was visible of his face were two mean eyes and a large, hooked nose.

This was the Ghost Collector and his team.

Suddenly, the Collector stopped the cart and listened. He spoke to a crow sitting on the machine in the back of the cart, ‘Mr Shadows, this town is worthy of our attention.’ He picked up a battered address book and flicked through it. ‘Albretti… Albretti… yes, here it is.’ He spoke to the crow again. ‘And it seems I have relatives living here who I am sure will make us most welcome.’ He flicked the reins and the horse started on the steep descent into the town.