Janeen Bradley

Janeen gained a degree in Applied Science and began her career as a Medical Technologist, working in laboratories in the UK and Australia.  

But with the arrival of children and computers she found on her return to work that things had moved on and that she was no longer the same analytical personality of earlier days.  

She changed to owning a small business, allowing freedom for school pick-ups, holidays etc. Then finally started her own business, a chocolate factory with two of the closest people to sisters that she will ever know.  

When they sold the business ten years later, Janeen started to take her writing as seriously as grandchildren and houses-to-be renovated on both sides of the world allowed. She finally completed Hogs Head Stew, after a thirty-year gestation period. However, books two and three in the series look set to follow in much shorter order.  

Hog Head Stew

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